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    YOU can help a needy child

    Bedjinnie Olivier

    Born: 1/12/2004


    Marijo Jean

    Born: 12/18/2003

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    Staliphania Gecroix

    Born: 12/14/2006

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    General Donation


    Thank you for choosing to be a partner with us on the mission field. Together we can transform Haiti one child at a time.

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    Support New Missionaries


    Chris and Bonnie Webb have completed their studies at Pensacola Christian College. Mission To Haiti has asked them to serve with this ministry. You can become partners with Chris and Bonnie as they serve on the mission field.  They need your support and prayers.  Learn More

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    Food For Families


    This year 80,000 children will die in Haiti of diseases related to malnutrition. Beans and Rice provide a complete protein. Mission To Haiti has distributed more than 750,000 lbs of nutritious food to hungry families. Many are still homeless following the devastating earthquake and recent storms. You can provide food for a family for a week for $25.

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    Medical Fund


    Haiti is the poorest country in Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. The quality of health is poor and medical facilities are limited.  You can provide health care for children and their families through your gifts to the Medical Fund..

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